dear momma

i'll love you until the umiak flies into the darkness,
till the stars turn to fish in the sky,
and the puffin howls at the moon.
-from Mama Do You Love Me?

dear momma,
thanks for raising me to be free-spirited. to love adventure and new experiences and foreign roads. to crave unfamiliar places, constantly.
thanks for teaching me to appreciate beauty. to sit on docks and watch sunsets instead of tv. to stop the car and admire a field of wildflowers. to climb trees and feel the grass with bare feet. to look up at the stars every night and feel small.
thanks for rubbing bits of your adorable personality off on me. for being sweet, bubbly, and inviting. for being spontaneous and unruly. for being sensitive and affectionate. for infusing me with a core that laughs more than normal people do.
thanks for exploring with me. for walking the streets of paris with me, holding hands. for taking me on road trips, through the rocky mountains and the american midwest and the french alps. for driving without an itinerary.
thanks for fulfilling my dreams, and for teaching me to constantly go after them, regardless of what anyone thinks.

dear momma,
almost everything i like about myself, i get from you.

dear momma,
i adore you. you have an electric energy, a magnetism, that draws people to you. and they always fall in love.
you are truly one of a kind. you inspire me everyday. i love you.
happy momma's day.