lately, i'm here more often than anywhere else.

scenes from the charlotte-douglas international airport:

my starbucks on the corner of concourses. i sit here and drink a cup every single time.

sometimes they spell my name wrong. they're working on it.

people watching at its best. here, stewardess silhouette. 

okay so mayyybe it was before noon when i ordered this bud, but i was bored and the olympics were on... i think i can be forgiven. also, no way could i afford more than one.

i learned that if you ever want to ride those obnoxious beepy carts through the airport (before the age of 70), all you have to do is flip over the handlebars of a bike and hurt yourself to the point of limping! ;) 

worth it? maybe not, but it was SO MUCH FUN.

see ya in a couple days, charlotte!