dust in the wind

about a week ago i spent a final day with my big group of beautiful nomads before we all went our separate ways for a little while.


sam went off to marsailles that day to see about a french girl. peter had to go back to scotland to take care of business. and i desperately wanted to work on a farm. vlad and noelle had plans to go south to valencia, while scotty and the girls made plans to road trip east to italy. even some of our spanish friends were soon vacationing off to other places. so the timing was just right to diverge for a bit.

we initially thought we'd all stick together for a while, going into this thing. we envisioned a true nomadic tribe, roughing it as a unit. but because none of us had plans when it started, we didn't really take into account that we'd be interested in doing different things. 

it's very likely that we'll all float back together in the coming weeks. i hope so, because the week we spent together in barcelona was pretty incredible. part of me wishes i could travel with that same group, always. and part of me thinks it would kill me. those kids are wild. and so damn fun. besos, my loves!