exploring vondelpark // getting to know noelle

one of our first days in amsterdam, noelle and i ventured to vondelpark in an attempt to meet up with couchsurfers for some yoga. but we underestimated how gigantic vondelpark is and how hard it'd be to find said couchsurfers. so we wondered around for hours and opened up to each other while we searched. and that proved to be more rewarding than anything physical we could've found that day. 

i don't think i mentioned it--when i talked about randomly meeting up with noelle in paris--that noelle and i had never hung out before that day at sacre coeur. i actually only just met her in barcelona a couple weeks prior, when she flew in to join our gypsy tribe a few days after i did. and we didn't even interact much or have a full on conversation in those couple days before i ran off to the mountains of girona. because that was a mad week and we were all experiencing different things of the same scene.

i do remember, however, a friday night in barcelona when our expanded group (at least 14 of us)  walked across town to a club. we were weaving through intoxicated crowds in dim alleys, constantly working to keep up with each other. i found myself walking next to noelle just as we passed a guy yelling at and demeaning his wasted girlfriend. my reaction was oh no, poor girl. i hope she'll be okay.  while noelle's reaction was some sort of wicked, badass, expletive-filled phrase about how she would never even give a guy a chance to talk down to her like that. her response took me so off guard and was so very different from mine that i laughed and said, "dang... i need to learn a thing or two from you."

the universe must've agreed, because fast forward a couple weeks... noelle was spontaneously delivered to my couchsurfing doorstep. now we've partied together, hitchhiked together, explored together... and you bet i've learned a thing or two from this incredibly strong girl.

but in the midst of the intense hitchhiking and partying and exploring that we fell into those three days after meeting in paris, we still didn't really get to know each other. until this day at the park. i think it has something to do with us finally being able to mosey about and not worry about our safety or the safety of 30 pounds of precious belongings on our backs. we were just there. with no distractions. barefoot and open.

we talked about college and falling into our passions and working for what's necessary and all things inspiring. she told me things she probably hasn't told many people, and i did the same.  

and over the course of our time together in amsterdam, we made these deep talks somewhat of a trend. we talked for hours on walks, in coffee shops, and on the balcony. we talked about spirituality and sexuality and transformations and intuition. we talked about planning and manifesting--and we did a bit of it, inadvertently.  

in that time, i came to find that noelle and i have a lot to learn from each other. because we are so different, yet so much the same. there's this wonderful, higher level give and take between us--- this back and forth flow of positivity that only gets amplified when we interact. that sort of thing is important for any friendship/relationship. so it's pretty cool that we've found that in a traveling partner.

so this is all to say, it's an honor to be roaming about with this beautiful girl :) and what we come to experience/learn only gets more intense as we go along!