gypsies REUNITE

after about six days in paris, part of my gypsy gang suddenly arrived! since the last time i saw them in spain, they rented a car and drove through the south of france and the north of italy. and they were going to enjoy a bit of switzerland, but decided to come straight to paris instead. because, well, switzerland is boring. ;)

i was so excited that they got to paris and contacted me just in time for another picnic on the seine! i got to introduce them to all of my new french friends! :) we reminisced about our time in spain and they told me stories about their road trip over some wine and soft brie. 

scotty and i had a bit of a movie moment when we reunited. i saw his blonde locks in the distance and heard, "steffyyy!" and then we ran to each other in slow motion (not really, but that's how it looks it my memory) and had a nice long hug. it's crazy to think that we've spent more time together in paris than we ever did back home in the states. 

having scotty, emily, and shannon in paris for a few days meant i was able to do some of the touristy things that my parisian friends never think to do anymore. things i'd never done before, but secretly really wanted to. like go to the pompidou on a rainy day and have a picnic under the eiffel tower. 

but we also did things that tourists never get to do, thanks to my parisian friends. like go to an electronic barbecue dance party in a skate park. yes, that was every bit as epic as it sounds. ^^ more pictures of that coming soon ;)

on our last day together, we drove to giverny (about an hour outside of paris) to see monet's water lillies IN REAL LIFE. shanz was just about peeing her pants the whole time out of excitement. you should maybe know that she was an art major and is going to be an art teacher, and that monet has always been her favorite. :)

after our lovely little day trip, the trio dropped me off in the center of paris and continued on to barcelona again. they tried to convince me to join them on the road trip back to spain, so that i could go to san fermin for the running with the bulls festivities, but i already had plans to see a friend in amsterdam.

later that week, shannon had to catch a flight back to the states and rejoin civilization (aka depart from the gypsy gang). because, like i said, she's just about to be an art teacher! we remaining gypsies are all very proud of her, but miss her dearly and wish she was here instead. we've been skyping enough lately that it almost feels like she's still here though... so she's with us in spirit! in giggling, messy bun spirit.*